Why I’m A Feminist (in brief!)

Well, why not?

That’s a good enough starting point. Every little girl should be taught the principles of feminism from an early age. NO – I don’t mean indoctrinated! I mean that the first time she encounters discrimination, it should be carefully explained to her the ways of a patriarchal world (probably not using that word!).

My mother’s a feminist, but she isn’t the “ballbreaker” I’ve been accused of being. Actually I’ve never broken a man’s balls. Handled a few, but never broken them.

But I’m perfectly happy when girls call me a feisty chick – at least that means they respect me!

And that’s really why I’m a feminist – RESPECT. It’s what I have for myself and what I want and should have from others. Every girl should – she MAY get it from her female friends, but rarely from the opposite sex.

Perhaps when a man proposes to a woman, he respects her.

But how long does that respect last? Beyond the honeymoon? I doubt it.

More importantly, does it start before the proposal? A boy may fall in love with or “worship” a girl, but that does not mean that he respects her. Respect, according to the dictionary, is to have “due regard for the feelings and rights of others”. How many men really have that for your feelings?

Well they should have.

And if they don’t, I’ll break their balls.

Only a figure of speech  ?

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