POMS CROSSING OZ (well, part of it…) PART 2

[I know some of you are wondering why I’m concentrating more on the personal nature of the trip rather than on the scenery and settlements. That’s because the whole ‘feminist’ nature of it was to bond while away from men. I could write a separate travelogue piece, but that’ll have to wait!]
Part 2. Beccy and boyfriend.

Saturday morning and the girlies’ adventure in The Bush was about to start.

When I’d called it that back in London, my sardonic friend Ellen had (predictably) said “you’re not having an adventure in MY bush!”. So I explained that, in Australian terms, The Bush was The Outback.
“Back out of where?”, she’d said. So I gave up.

But her first comment I’d pounced on and issued a statement:  “No reference to the female anatomy will be permitted on this trip”, I announced, “it’s a feminist odyssey, a statement of our superiority!”.

I guess I’d been drinking.


“It’s OK”, hissed Beccy after I’d grabbed her and pulled her into the bathroom, “he’s only coming with us to Gawler – that’s what – 30 miles out of here?”

“And who did you ask? This is a girls’ adventure, we decide things together, not a girls-do-all-the-work-while-a-boy-takes-charge trip!”

“He’s not like that, he’s non-sexist…”

“No boy is non-sexist”, I screamed,

“That’s your experience”, she said, “he’ll cook and clean – and he won’t leave the toilet seat up”.

“We don’t HAVE a toilet seat, we don’t even have a toilet!”.

“What?”, a distraught Beccy said, “I’m not squatting by the roadside, definitely not with Shane around”.

“Well – exactly. He wouldn’t BE around if someone hadn’t dragged him along without asking her FRIENDS. Anyway – there are campsites and petrol stations with bathrooms – good ones, according to Thea at the travel centre”.

There was no point in arguing further, it was midday and time to check out of the hotel.


“Right – well if he’s still here tonight, he’s sleeping outside”, I said.

“Don’t worry”, she said with a typically Beccy glint in her big blue eye, “he’ll sleep anywhere – and I’ll sleep with him. He’s a Big Boy”, she emphasised.

“I don’t doubt it”, I said, “knowing you, you checked before you looked at his face”.

“Oh, like YOU wouldn’t!”.



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