Why Feminism?

I mean in a perfect world we wouldn’t need it.

We’d all be equal. No-one would be criticised for looking any different from anyone else. Men wouldn’t have rights or privileges which we don’t have.

But this isn’t a perfect world. We aren’t equal and we ARE criticised, made fun of, and exploited for being women. For daring to not follow what has long been seen as “the norm” – us being ‘owned’, ‘provided for’, and ‘looked after’ by men, and in return working at home to provide THEM with the life and family they want.

World War II

During the Second World War, women tasted the outside world and did the necessary jobs men had been taken from. Afterwards, it became harder for men to ptetend that only they should be in the workplaces (especially as for many years there weren’t enough of them).  So we continued doing the factory and office jobs to the same standard as the men.
But, in most cases, for less pay.

It seems unbelievable now that a man and a woman doing the same job could be earning different rates of pay – but they were!

And there you have the beginnings of “feminism” – in the U.K. anyway.

The Media

In the 1960s and ’70s, the media tried to put protesting women down by referring to them as “burning their bras” – as if they were protesting about BEING women rather than the second class citizenship it afforded them. And papers made snide comments like “you should be at home cooking a meal for your husbands”.

Which just built on the feminist bandwagon – if we didn’t have reasons to attack men and the status quo before, we did now!

Gradually, women of all nationalities, ages, and classes realised that they were being discriminated against BECAUSE they were women. They were able to give the gift of life to the world but the world wasn’t repaying them with a life to equal men’s.

The women of our mothers’ and grandmothers’ generations must be cherished for the amazing work they did to provide us with lives which aren’t overshadowed completely by our fathers’, brothers’, and sons’ lives.

And now we twentysomethings are entrusted with taking that feminism onward and upward – as well as ensuring that our daughters and nieces are keyed up on the principles of “femquality” as a friend calls it. That’s equality with a feminine twist – an attempt to make things better for EVERYONE by using so-called feminine ideals (love, emotion, concern) rather than masculine ones (violence, hatred, confrontation).

That is WHY feminism. The only way this world can improve.

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